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Parent Kids w/Autism and/or ADHD Classes w/Group Therapy

August 27 @ 5:00 pm 7:30 pm

Parent Kids w/Autism and/or ADHD Classes w/Group Therapy
Educational Support Program to learn the essentials to Parent Stubborn Fixed Behaviors, Thoughts,

etc. the Neurodi Way



Sessions are 1.5 hrs long
Open Group Therapy Meets on
Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM EST.  (except holidays)
Participants attend virtually online or when dates are advertised in person: the Brain-Hack Café

Pre-Registration is required & requested by emailing: [email protected]

Clinician: ms MISSY ms (a.k.a.) Melissa Tatar-Pickersgill, M.S., NCC, LPC, BSP
Most State/Commercial Insurance Plans Accepted (PA residents only)
Cost/Session No-Insurance: Non-Morrisville Residents $30 & Morrisville Residents $20
ASD/ADHD and Neuro-typical younglings require a lot of parental patience to raise in
today’s social environments. The strategies the brain uses to survive it can sometimes
surface within good parents’ feelings similar to shaming/harming/disrespect.


In this therapeutic group combined with parenting workshop lessons, the parents learn: 
 To identify when and how to use compassion appropriately to relate to their child.

 Quick to learn somatic psychology nervous system regulation tips for how not to become
involuntarily triggered around an upset child or how to easily self-calm if you do. 

 Easy-to-do-right strategies to apply daily that do help to teach your child to self-parent with self-
compassion and kindness. (self-sooth; anxiety & depression skill development)

 How to cut up projects (school homework or house chores) into chunks in which your child can
administer the rules to their start and finish timeframes and outcomes, so the child is not lost in
the middle part of the instructions confused (ADHD neurodi-way).

 Tips to co-regulate emotional duress with your child so your child learns the meaning correctly of
what is it that is happening to the child in that moment and that it doesn’t mean more than that
event/situation/life lesson.

 Tips to reteach the parent’s inner child and neurodiverse child how to behave (be receptive to
criticism/connect) when the child is to act “good” as a me and/or as a we in private and/or in

 Brain-Hacks (including the ones in ms MISSY ms book: United Voices: Collective Excellence in
Autism) to help keep the parents’ (nervous systems) and their children within a normal ANS
window of tolerance to live thru, not survive thru, normal life’s ups and downs.  
The Brain-Hack Café, by Emotionally Rewired, LLC & ms MISSY ms is Insured, Licensed, and Bonded as a
Mental Health Organization & Individual Practice;


Located at #25 E Bridge Street in Morrisville, PA 19067
Phone: (267) 797-2950; Websites: www.thebrainhackcafe.com www.emotionallyrewired.com

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