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Welcome to Brain-Hack Cafe, your gateway to advanced mental health solutions in Morrisville, PA.

At our center, we harness the power of traditional therapies, innovative Brain-Hacks, Brainspotting, and Reiki Smashups to forge a unique therapeutic experience. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to cater to individuals seeking transformative mental health care, starting from age 10 and above.

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Help Fund Study of Technique Stopping Suicidal Thoughts


Need to Fund Self-Study to Prove Approach of the eclectic smash up of clinical interventions I developed over the pandemic to treat kids with Autism and PTSD does stop Suicidal Thoughts surfacing in the brain in just 2 hours!!!

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Voices United: Collective Excellence in Autism

Book Launch Pre-Sale

This Book is a must-have for those eager to unravel and support the enigmatic world of the autism community.

“Authenticity is key. Let’s empower those with autism to be themselves, embracing their unique qualities”.

Co-Authored by our own ms Missy ms!

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Parenting Self-Regulation

ANS Self-Regulation Mechanics

Experiential Therapy

Welcome to my first video recording of me teaching one of my best stress buster self-brainspotting hacks with brain-hacks! I instruct all of my private clients to do this one at home. Practice the hack once or go ahead and turn it into the most easy and effective meditation practice you can’t do wrong

Stress buster self-brainspotting hack

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At-Home Brain-Hack Kits

Our Happy Customers

Highly recommended! Lindsay encouraged me to move past the issue I was facing with ease and comfort. Her communicational skills as well as approach was spot on. I couldn't have done this without her!!! I definitely recommend this place. Was an amazingly uplifting and precise experience!
Victoria Penxa
Victoria Penxa
October 27, 2023
The concept of "brain-hacks" speeding up the natural time frames for feeling better is very intriguing. It aligns with Ms Missy's research suggesting that the brain has its mechanisms for self-improvement. Overall, The Brain-Hack Café offers a holistic and practical approach to emotional well-being, making it an interesting option for those seeking to enhance their emotional health and self-regulation skills. Make sure to also check out how Reiki done by Ms Lindsay can help to enhance your experience. She is excellent and makes you feel relaxed and safe instantly.
Brie LaRosa
Brie LaRosa
October 24, 2023
This is the best form of therapy! I definitely recommend you booking a session with Missy! You will not be disappointed!
Haley Palma
Haley Palma
October 16, 2023
I was YESTERDAY years old when I learned that I have a "healing color". This place is truly turning into something special. I recently attended a "business warming" workshop at Brain Hack Cafe, and the experience was nothing short of transformative. The genuine passion and expertise of Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Missy in nurturing a unique and holistic healing environment are unparalleled Brain Hack Cafe breaks the mold by blending evidence-based practices with personalized care. As a staunch proponent of individualized care and accessible mental health support, I found this approach incredibly refreshing and necessary. . This place is a budding beacon for those seeking bespoke mental health solutions. I eagerly anticipate my next visit and highly recommend Brain Hack Cafe to anyone on a journey towards holistic well-being.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
October 9, 2023
My experience with Miss Lindsay was exactly what I wanted and expected. Couldn't be happier!!
Kayla Gowen
Kayla Gowen
September 24, 2023
I had a great experience with Miss Lindsay. She was very informative and flawless at what she does. Highly recommend.
John Jacobs
John Jacobs
September 24, 2023
I had an amazing experience meeting Lindsay from the Brainhack Cafe, she was very personable and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. Although this was my first time trying Brainhacks with Reiki - I almost immediately felt uplifted, and by the time I left, my mood definitely felt more stable. I can't wait to bring my mom and sister along for a workshop!
Justine Rin
Justine Rin
September 6, 2023
This place & the ladies are amazing. Great things happen here! Check it out! You will keep coming back for sure! Love & light
Jessica Hahn
Jessica Hahn
July 31, 2023
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